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Sleep plays a HUGE role in our energy levels, cravings, mood, ability to build muscle and burn fat as well as our ability to perform life on an optimal level each and every day! As adults with busy lives, most of us tend to push off sleep and we suffer because of it. If you are one of those folks that says, "I will sleep when I am dead.", this information is for sure for YOU! We have to take care of ourselves so we can be present as well as here for our loved ones and kids!

Making a decision to prioritize your health and sleep is IMPERATIVE!



One of the most abundant minerals in the body that helps with relaxation of your muscles as well as your mind. This is an essential micronutrient that also plays a role in several hundred cellular reactions in the body.

The daily recommended intake is 300-500mg for adults through whole foods or supplementation.

I mix my magnesium in with my Opti-Greens 50 each evening about 45 minutes to an hour before I head off to sleep. However, this can be taken at any time of the day.

(Hidden note that adding an extra dose is especially good for muscle cramps AND/OR PERIOD CRAMPS!)

#2. CORE-21

A cortisol reducer that will help with the natural relaxation of your body and mind can help improve overall fat loss results. It also includes a digestive enzyme blend in it to help the breakdown of foods.

It is safe to take with magnesium for extra sleep support.

(Coaches tip - make sure this does not conflict with any other medications you may already be taking!!)


This supplement is recommended for someone who is trying to build muscle or has a performance goal such as body building, figure, etc., as this naturally helps growth hormones.

It helps to make sure your mind is calm and relaxes your muscles more so your body can get into a better deep sleep which can lead to better recovery and better hormone production which equals better results overall.

This one I do NOT recommend mixing with any magnesium as it already contains 450mg in the product.

Sleep is literally the BEST way to recover and get closer to those results you are looking to gain. Prioritizing sleep needs to be done on your terms on your schedule. However, I will further emphasize that it will be a whole GAME CHANGER if you realize how your sleep, recovery and adding magnesium to your day will help you FEEL!!!

Personally, I have added magnesium to my daily routine for many, MANY years and as a dancer who is constantly trying to level up and keep learning new things, recovery is SO IMPORTANT!!!

If you have any questions on sleep support or are not sure where to start or what might be the best one to try, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME!!!

Coach Jill

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