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Summer is such a wonderful time of the year for a majority of folks out here in the world! We have summer trips with family and friends, the kids are on break for a while and there is SO much to do! I love a good summer activity like camping, hiking, going to the beach, etc. Generally, the gym is the last on the list for most of us.

What if you could enter a summer 8-week challenge and still enjoy the things you love to do with the addition of education and guidance to the plan for the summer? Even better, what if you had an accountability buddy who was also on board with this! One better than that, what if you could win $25,000 for your hard work? These are all things that YOU can have with a little bit of elbow grease and some guidance!

The coaching app I utilize has MANY options for getting in that activity with indoor, at home & outdoor workouts! The outdoor ones have been a new addition and they are really fun if being outdoors is your thing!

Currently, we have enrollment open for the summer challenge and it requires a few steps from you to get in on this fun! Download the coaching app from the Life & Balance website or from the app; set up your profile and be sure to choose me as the advisor in the app; go to the dashboard page and enter the challenge at the top of the page! You will take 3 photos for your "day 1" which is a front, side and back photo. These photos are for you so you can also then visually see changes over the course of these 8 weeks and it's such a really great tool if you are a visual person. (Here is the easy button to get to the coaching app,

There are a few things as a coach I want to be sure to add on to this message for you because everyone out here has a different journey and a different goal to attain. That is the point! Your goal may NOT be a weight related goal! It could be building new habits like getting in walking on a regular basis, education on MACROS and how that it can better serve you on your nutrition, education on supplements and vitamins, drinking more water daily, etc. The point is, as a coach, I live for the opportunity to have a positive impact on whatever that goal is for you. Speaking to my pole dance community, this could be working to level up in your training which we all want to keep doing!

If you are ready to get started, I AM READY TO MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY!

The registration for the challenge entry goes through tonight, July 10, 2023 until 11:59PM, CST! It would be a great honor to work with any of you!

For a look at the most recent winner of the prior challenge, here is the exciting video!

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