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Psssttttt..... Can you keep a secret?

Now that I have your attention.....

Please do not keep this website or app a secret!!! PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ANYONE AND ASK THEM TO SIGN UP TO BE A SITE MEMBER!

This blog is going to grow. The business is going to grow. The YouTube Channel is going to grow! I would love to have it also grow with those of you who are here by spreading the word to others! The more this grows, the more I get the opportunity to grow with it and with you!

This is the time for me to be able to finally put my thoughts in to actions and bring alive something that has resided as a dream in my head for so many years. I have a lot to share with you all on all things in life, dancing, my pole community, fitness and also nutrition. It is time for me to start sharing my knowledge to all of you and continue to hope that it will have a positive impact on others.

Share on social media! Share with your friends, your families and even your pets! Follow along with me on all the things!

My IG is: @coachjillatkinson

My FB is: Jill Atkinson

Business IG: @LifeBalanceFitClub

YouTube: @coachjillatkinson

Private FB Group: Life & Balance Fit Club

Download the app on Wix Spaces

Suggestions you may have are ALWAYS WELCOMED! Want to see tutorials of some kind here? Let me know so I can consider it!

Coach Jill

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