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Micronutrients - what is this anyway?

Most people when I ask them about what their vitamin regimen is, they generally give me the whole "I take a multivitamin." song and dance. However, did you know that a majority of the vitamins you purchase and take daily, never actually get absorbed into your body? Mind blowing right? I have done research on this with different brands and putting them in water to see what happens. Mind you, this is not of course stomach acids, but it is a good indicator of what does and what doesn't actually end up being absorbed by your body.

Let's talk about micronutrients for a hot minute because this is an excellent addition to your day to ensure you are actually getting those micronutrients in when we are not able to get them out of whole foods as we are managing our MACROS all day.


These are the essential vitamins and minerals our body must consume through our diet. Micronutrients help to support the utilization of nutrients; the immune system; gives us energy; helps our metabolism fire and also helps us with cognitive functions! Quite a list if you ask me!

There are thousands of different roles that micronutrients play in our body and there are three that I want to be sure to highlight for you and these are three things that are going to aid you in getting the best results possible for your current health and fitness journey!

  1. IMMUNE SYSTEM Micronutrients help support our body's ability to fight off disease and infections before ever reaching a point where we are dealing with extreme symptoms. (I can attest first hand that since taking my micros daily, even as an autoimmune challenged person, I have not gotten ill in a very long time.)

  2. ENERGY Micronutrients help to provide our body with what it needs to support our natural energy levels which in turn help us practice healthy lifestyle habits.

  3. METABOLISM This is a BIG one that I am sure most of you saw on the list and for good reason! Micronutrients help give our body what it needs to recover properly and efficiently break down fat for fuel to make sure our body is running as efficiently as possible!

Now the most important question I am sure you are asking yourself is, "How do we get Micronutrients?". We can do this by incorporating a wide variety of foods such as proteins, carbs, fruits and veggies. We can also do this by utilizing a QUALITY multivitamin. (I personally use 1st Phorm MicroFactor each day.)

There are 2 options on this for you available to you that are available through the supplements tab in the website. However to the whatever, I want to also provide you the "EASY" button on how to get your Micronutrients ordered and in to your daily regimen as soon as possible!!!

Available is Microfactor in a pill format here for you linked:

Micro Factor Pack:


It is also available as a powder form for those who are not a huge fan of a handful of pills to take.

Micro Factor Powder:

I look forward to hearing how you are all loving adding this into your daily routine and I also hope you will share with us in the Forum your thoughts and also your reviews!

Coach Jill

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