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How to you do Post Workout Routines?

Did you know that 80% of people who work out consistently but have no aftercare routine in order to harness all of that hard work done in the gym, a dance studio, etc? Did you know you need CARBS Post Workout?

Once upon a time, I also had no idea what a post workout routine was until I researched it as an adult. I could only imagine if I had the knowledge I have now and knew it in my younger years, I would have had a different outcome all together. This is why I am bringing this to you now! I want better for YOU!

Two things happen during your workout. 1) You're breaking down muscle with micro trauma tears & 2) You're depleting muscle energy (CARBS). Carbs are stored as muscle glycogen (ENERGY) inside your muscle and when you engage in a pole dance class, endurance training, resistance training or HIIT (High Intensity Training), CARBS are going to be the main source for that specific training and it's important to restore that energy post workout to stop muscle breakdown.

Eating a ton of oatmeal, bananas, or even honey are things I used to do a-lot of. However, those are different types of carbs that need to be broken down before they can be absorbed. This is why Ignition & Phormula-1 are the best choice when it comes to post workout.

Ignition is a High Glycemic Carbohydrate that is already in a pre-digested form so it's exactly what your body is requiring post workout to help you QUICKLY stop muscle breakdown, restore glycogen levels and also is going to shuttle nutrients from Phormula-1 (a Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate) to your muscle to repair muscle damage.

Phormula-1 is designed to assimilate (absorb) fast in order to speed up recovery and overall results. It is a complete protein source that the body can utilize very quickly, which makes it an ideal protein in the post workout scenario to maximize recovery and repair lean muscle tissue.

The short story.... DON'T WASTE A WORKOUT!

The best option to recover after your workout is 1st Phorm Post workout stack which consists of Phormula-1 & Ignition. When you paid Phormula-1 with Ignition, you will give your body fast-acting carbs it needs to restore depleted glycogen that it used while training. Ignition also causes an insulin spike, which helps shuttle amino acids from a protein isolate like Phormula-1 into the lean muscle tissue.

I am going to suggest this to each and every person I can and you can find the post workout stack on the supplements page of the Life & Balance Fit Club website or, you can head to the link below to get yours today! You will not be disappointed in this especially when you utilize it consistently after those tough workouts. You know what else will happen? You will be able to help yourself recover faster with this stack and be able to continue to train and see results! That is what everyone wants right? To see results? Put in the work friends and it will come to you!

Don't worry, we would never forget our Vegan friends! Vegan Power Pro & Ignition are also here for you to gain results!


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