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How important is sleep to you?

Here is a super crazy question for you.... Do you burn the preverbal candle at both ends and does your sleep quality suffer because of it? How much time in your waking hours do you wish you were sleeping instead of pushing your limits?

Your quality of sleep is so important for helping out with our energy levels, cravings, mood and the ability to build muscle and burn fat. It also aids in our ability to perform on an optimal level each and every day!

I can attest from my personal experience that sleep is something I truly struggled with for many years! I spent a good decade dealing with insomnia and it really had an impact on my health and fitness journey. I have spent many hours working to educate myself and improve myself so I can also now help others with this struggle bus. I am now able to wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle each day!

There are a few tips and tricks I want to share with you that can have a positive impact on your quality of sleep.

1) Your room should be dark & the temperature should be cool (ideally about 65 degrees).

2) Limit use of electronic devices about 1 hour before you are scheduled to go to bed. If you watch screens, wear blue light glasses to limit the blue light exposure or set the exposure on your phone to accommodate.

3) Develop a caffeine curfew! This can look different for everyone due to your tolerance to caffeine. I would suggest a cut off for caffeine around 6 hours prior to your bedtime.

4) Use of sleep support supplements. Quality of sleep can be assisted with recommended supplements!

You may be asking yourself.... Coach Jill, are you going to get to the point already? YES! I have three supplements that I recommend to my current clients, friends, family, dancers, really anyone that will listen to me babble about them! (Sorry not sorry!)

*MAGNESIUM - One of the most abundant minerals in the body that helps with the relaxation of your muscles and also your mind! It is an essential micronutrient that also plays a role in several hundred cellular reactions. The daily recommended intake for magnesium is 300-500mg for adults through whole foods or supplementation. I mix my magnesium with my Opti-Greens 50 about 45 minutes before I head off to sleep. I showcase this each evening on my IG stories. (Follow me if you are not doing so! @coachjillatkinson)

*CORE-21 - A cortisol (stress) reducer that will help with the natural relaxation of your body and mind which can help to improve your overall fat loss results. This will promote the body to get into deep REM so you can fall asleep and wake up feeling rested and recovered. It also includes a digestive enzyme blend to help break down food. It is safe to take this with magnesium for extra support.

*NIGHT-T - This is recommended for someone who is trying to build muscle or has a performance goal as it naturally helps growth hormones. It also helps to make sure your mind is calm and relaxes your muscles more so your body can really get into a better deep sleep which can lead to better recovery and better hormone production which equals better results!

Do NOT take this supplement with magnesium as it already has 450mg in it.

Here is my ask... If YOU are struggling with getting quality sleep currently, please send me a message so I can help you get better sleep and better results towards your goals that you have which ultimately will start with quality sleep!

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