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Are you there world? It's me.... Coach Jill......

Well, here we go! I am going to try my hand at starting a blog to bring awareness to my mission and to also provide some personal details about me and how I got here and also why. Why the heck am I here doing this?

Let's just dive in and get started and honestly, this may just be the best way for me to invite you into my world and also take journaling to a bit of a next level if we are being honest. My whole life I have felt guarded when it comes to the things in life I am truly passionate about and it's high time, i start to put some of my words out here for the world to hear.

Starting Life & Balance Fit Club was more or less a happy accident. I had been on a downward spiral after ending a teaching position here in West Palm Beach, Florida and at the time, I had been thinking that maybe it was time I throw in the towel on being a dancer. I had been really concentrating on weight resistance training basically to keep my mental health in check while I worked to figure out what was going to be next for me. I have such a passion to want to help others I was at that point of life where it felt like writer's block. I had been looking into body building and researching the topic. However, for me personally, I am unfortunately not built for that particular world. Why? Well, as a dancer with many, many years of experience, I also experience some disorders as a result that have followed me through life. During my research, i had started to notice that a lot of the top supplement companies have paid sponsored positions and that caught my interest. As I reviewed companies, one struck me as a wholesome company that would be a good fit for me based on their mission as well as my own. I had narrowed down to just a few and started to reach out to companies. I know some of you are thinking, was this an ambassador type of thing? NO! There are really great supplement companies out there that are not pyramid schemes or MLM structures. Trust me when I say, I have been approached by those kinds of companies and they do not interest me in the least because the message isn't right. It has never been about money it has always been about helping others.

To wrap up this first blog attempt... I want to thank each and every one of you for being here and supporting this venture. I always love to hear from you so always feel free to reach out to me at any time!

For now... I am signing off!

Be sure to WIN your day!

Coach Jill

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